Right There


Why are you in my dreams? Why are you there? I already know that it will never be. But you keep showing up….giving hope….giving encouragement….giving me love. You are there. In my dreams. Smiling. Being you. As you are in life. And I take you just as you are. You are there…not letting me go another way. You keep me on a good path. You keep me honest. You keep me…Why are you there?

I guess the real question is….Why can’t I let go? But then it’s goes back to…dreams. You are there. Not letting me move on. I know should. I know have to. Just when I say I am. I am moving on. You come back. I feel your touch. I smell your scent. You grab my heart. Why are you there?

I wish I can blame this on encouragement from you. And maybe I can. You may never say a word. But, I know you see me. I know you watch me. Am I in your dreams? Am I there? Sometimes, when I’m around you…your eyes say, “Yes”…I am there. Right there. But, then the moment passes and neither one says a word. I smile. You smile. I know I am there.

I know. Move on. But you are there. Right there. Inside. You have made a home right there in my heart. The only way to move on is to say the words. To hear the words. Then…I can move on. Move on to the realization that you are just like my dreams. Or…..move on and let you take a small residence in my heart in remembrance of you.

Either way….You will forever be there. Right there.love-will-come-kevin-wak-williams

Always LOVE


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