Why I Need A Man

I really dislike it when women say,
“I am a vigorous and independent woman,
and I don’t need a man. I can do this by myself.”
With the hand, head and body gestures along with it.
Come on….for real?
Now, I can’t speak for all women, but I can speak for myself.
I may WANT a man, but I NEED a man as well.
I need him to hold me, to kiss me, to tell me everything will be okay.
I need him to say I’m sorry.
I need him to say you owe me an apology.
I need him to stand his ground and have that every right to know that I
will be there by his side.
I need him to hold my hand, caress my face, look lovingly into my brown
eyes, letting me know that I am safe.
I need him to know that we are in this together, rich or poor.
I need him to fill my mind, body, and soul with nourishment & truth.
I need him…..I need his LOVE.
Always LOVE


Fear of Rejection

What makes it so damn hard to tell someone, “I like you. I would like to have more conversations with you. I want to spend time with you. After so many years of not being with anyone, I want you to be the one to make love to me.” I would think, when you get to a certain age, saying what you want would be easy. But when it comes to the affairs or imaginary affairs of the heart, there are no rules. It doesn’t become more comfortable. Actually, it becomes harder.

I guess, for me, it’s fear. Too many concerns. But, the main worry for me would be rejection. But, doesn’t everyone have that fear? The fear of releasing your words to a person you have come to love (they don’t know it though) and they REJECT you. Of course, you, me will get over it. Eventually. But, it’s that one time fear you still have to hurdle. For many of us, we need to hear the rejection so that we can move on. Proceed to the next rejection or learn from the rejection and move on to a solid love. However, the hard words must still come out to get the rejection or acceptance.

Whatever the case may be, I need to release (in more ways than just one), and eventually, I will need to say the words so that I can move on to a healthy life. A life filled with non-rejection, more talks, more love, and much-needed sex. That latter is a whole blog for me itself. Stay tuned.

Always LOVE

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