You never know, where you can get a lesson from, at any time or place…..

I was speaking with a Brother today, and listening on Facebook to another Brother, and they both gave me some lessons in OUR history that just totally had me wanting to know more. Now…I have a very few (very few) select that I follow and learn from as well. But it is totally different when you sit and listen to words as one speaks of OUR history, of our communities, of US.

I am like a sponge, soaking in all that I am learning.

I am like an infant, taking that first step and amazed at all that is new on my journey as I move forward.

We have some Brothers out there that’s really for US. They want to see US get better and OUR communities to be more than..not of how others see US, but how WE see ourselves.

We need to stand up and stand behind these individuals. NO. They don’t play ball, act in movies, head up big churches. They are the men who have realized that by not standing up, OUR next generation doesn’t have a chance. These men need us to stand behind them and be the support they need to fight this system for US. They will protect US. They just need to know that WE are there. That WE stand with them. That we support them.

I write and post a lot about LOVE, but I also post and share about the well being of OUR community. If you follow me. If you know me. Then you know that I always say, “Let’s Support Our Own”, and mean that from the bottom of my heart. And try to show it every chance I get. Now even though I post a lot about LOVE, that’s just a part of me that will always be there, and no, I don’t need approvement from anyone. I approve myself. I have accepted my fate when it comes to being loved or not. But, what I can not and will not accept…is the future of my next generation. My grandchildren. My great-grandchildren.

Work must be done, and I support those who are out there on the behalf of me and the generations to come. I have said this before and will say it again. “We are fighting two wars. Them against us and us against us. If you can’t be a part of the solution, then step aside and let the ones who are trying do what they need to do, so¬†YOU can live in a world that is truly FREE.”

Learn your history. It’s there.

Always LOVE

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